Bloomfield Makes List of America’s 10 Best Italian ’Hoods – The 412 – November 2013

Pittsburgh Magazine listed Bloomfield as one of America’s top 10 Italian neighborhoods. Pittsburgh’s “Little Italy” offers ample opportunity for learning about and engaging with the community, especially  the rich Italian heritage and history of the neighborhood.

Bloomfield is a living museum for things that are rapidly going extinct in the modern age. The neighborhood still has candy-striped barber poles and bartenders who look you in the eye — not to mention a few speakeasies that are actual speakeasies and not just a design aesthetic. And who needs a Whole Foods when you can get fresh prosciutto, pancetta and culatello by the pound?

My favorite discovery was the bocce ball court! I never realized there was a bocce ball court under the Bloomfield Bridge (or anything, for that matter).

Whether you’re 27 or 72, it’s hard to imagine a more whimsical afternoon or evening than one spent playing bocce in the park, snacking from a cooler full of sandwiches and pop, and listening to the sounds of Pittsburgh echo through the gully.

Read the full article: Bloomfield Makes List of America’s 10 Best Italian ’Hoods – The 412 – November 2013.


Halloween Parade – TONIGHT!

Bloomfield’s Halloween Parade is happening tonight at 7:30PM along Liberty Avenue between the Post Office and the Bloomfield Bridge. More information here and here.

It is a family oriented event, so expect to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of little kids in adorable costumes.

The parade is FREE and open to everyone!

I’ll see you there!