Bloomfield Makes List of America’s 10 Best Italian ’Hoods – The 412 – November 2013

Pittsburgh Magazine listed Bloomfield as one of America’s top 10 Italian neighborhoods. Pittsburgh’s “Little Italy” offers ample opportunity for learning about and engaging with the community, especially  the rich Italian heritage and history of the neighborhood.

Bloomfield is a living museum for things that are rapidly going extinct in the modern age. The neighborhood still has candy-striped barber poles and bartenders who look you in the eye — not to mention a few speakeasies that are actual speakeasies and not just a design aesthetic. And who needs a Whole Foods when you can get fresh prosciutto, pancetta and culatello by the pound?

My favorite discovery was the bocce ball court! I never realized there was a bocce ball court under the Bloomfield Bridge (or anything, for that matter).

Whether you’re 27 or 72, it’s hard to imagine a more whimsical afternoon or evening than one spent playing bocce in the park, snacking from a cooler full of sandwiches and pop, and listening to the sounds of Pittsburgh echo through the gully.

Read the full article: Bloomfield Makes List of America’s 10 Best Italian ’Hoods – The 412 – November 2013.

An Evening Stroll in Bella Bloomfield

Take an evening stroll down Liberty Ave. Enjoy the night air and empty streets.

Video by Sarah D.
Music by Suspicious for the Winter, “Empty Streets”

‘Date Night’ Series by Bloomfield Bella, Taylor C.


This series will seek to inform the masses about how truly, deeply excellent Bloomfield is for going out.
Before we go any further, I want to define my terms. Specifically, the term “date.” What is a date, anyway? defines a date as

“a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person.”

Person. Not boyfriend or girlfriend, not significant other, not partner. Person. Though the love of your life (or evening) is a fabulous individual to go on a date with, they ain’t the only ones.

Therefore, the dates in this series can be participated in with a buddy, a parent, a kiddo, a group of friends, anyone you are inclined to spend a few hours with, including simply yourself! Some might be more suited to certain relationships than others, but that’s up to you. Most of them can also be achieved during the day if that’s more your style.

So, grab a ‘person’ and get dating, Bloomfield!

[Bio] Taylor C. is a native Pittsburgher, theater and movement teacher for 4-18 year olds, and the reigning Pin-up Princess of Penn Ave. She loves dates and uses a lot of slang.

Halloween Parade – TONIGHT!

Bloomfield’s Halloween Parade is happening tonight at 7:30PM along Liberty Avenue between the Post Office and the Bloomfield Bridge. More information here and here.

It is a family oriented event, so expect to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of little kids in adorable costumes.

The parade is FREE and open to everyone!

I’ll see you there!


Welcome to Bloomfield, Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.  A lovely little neighborhood blooming with Italian grocery stores, nifty small businesses, hipsters, and medical personnel. We have thrift shops, restaurants, bars, hospitals, book stores, and more.

It did not take long for me to decide that Bloomfield was the right place for me to live.  It had something to do with the fact that I was moving and needed an apartment in a short amount of time… but it also felt like home as soon as we parked on our street.

I moved to Bloomfield in May of 2013 and have yet to venture out to most of the bookshops, thrift stores, coffee spots, etc. I have officially challenged myself to get out and get to know my neighborhood! This blog is a stab at introducing myself to the local happenings, as well as inviting you (dear reader) to join the fun.

[A Little About Me]

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am 24, employed part-time in retail, and currently working towards my Master of Professional Writing (MPW) degree at Chatham University. My dream is to be a writer. I don’t know what I want to write about exactly, but this degree and this blog are a great start.

I live with my bearded boyfriend and our kitten, MoMo (she is a handful and somewhat destructive, but her fluffy cuddles and adventurous spirit are more than enough to inspire perpetual love for her).

Originally from Harrisburg, I moved to Indiana, PA to pursue my B.A. degree at IUP. Since graduating, I had my heart set on Pittsburgh, and we’re so happy to have happened upon Bloomfield — our new home sweet home.